Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introducing ... THE LIGHTWINGS!!

Apparently, there's something old, something new, something borrowed but certainly not blue in the air these days ...
no, I'm not getting married (gotta have somebody to do that, and, that, I ain't got dammit!)

What I'm talking about is the awesome return of "old-time rock-and-roll" - only now it's got a bit of a "newer" sound to it - (due, in part, to the new, high-tech stuff we have to produce and mix the music). Of course, it helps to have some great managerial support.

To prove what I'm talking about, let me introduce you to the Fab Foursome (gotta put that last part in there to separate them from another beat group from years ago ...) from England called The Lightwings!  When you hear these lads (and watch their vids on YouTube), you'll see why they're becoming one of the most popular and in-demand bands in England (and, soon, in the USA)! 

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado or adon't, may I introduce you to ... THE LIGHTWINGS:


More coming up in 24 hours, so stay tuned ...

Monday, October 21, 2013


Okay.... how long has it been since this musical puppy barked?

Well, after doing a lot of authorized author-izing over the past coupla months (I've been putting out new e-books, beaucoup articles and the garbage when necessary), I'm revving up the engines of this sound machine - and, this time, I wan' chew ta make sum NOOIIIIIZZZE!!  (hey ... it worked at the I-Heart-Radio festival... so why not here??)

There are gonna be a few changes and stips, though:
(1) I'll be updating this once a week, because, quite frankly (and like most of y'all), I've got something called "w ... wo ... wor ... (gulp!) WORK!!" (whyzzit so hard to say that word, much less do it??) to do.
(2) Gonna be adding a lot more vids this time
(3) You'll still be getting the latest "oldies" news hot-off-the-wire
(4) Soooo, with a little luck and a lot of viewers, we can get this thing off the ground once again!

Ya with me??  Goooooood ...

So, let's officially kick it off with some McCartney (who, btw, just did a successful busking gig in Londontown!  Yeah - did a lunch break concert for a lot of surprised shoppers, workers and bystanders.  ).  So, without further ado (or writing) ... Mr. Macca, if you please:

Okay ... with that in mind: see ya on the flip side!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Grinnin' Like A WHAT??

Getting a lot of good feedback on the new e-book, Grinnin' Like A Possum (if you don't have your copy yet, just click the link you just passed; you're not only in for a solid read, but you'll also like the price - and the fact you can actually download two versions of the book for that one price!

... Possum is my brand spanking new e-book that, I hope, will give you the chance to laugh out loud, Southern-style!

Here's what the promo says (and thanks to WPM for submitting this):


 "Now, chances are, if you were raised in the South, you already appreciate the aesthetic ballet of NASCAR races, understand the historical significance of 'The Andy Griffith Show', savored culinary delights such as grits with red-eye gravy, and have studied great philosophers such as Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy. But – well, your Rebel experience won't really complete unless you get to know Charlie Hick..."

 Set in 2005, it follows the antics of two long-lost Southern boys, reunited after 16 years. While the story has an offbeat Marx-Brothers-meet-The Monkees ring to it, it does have a good basic plot: Charlie Hicks knows that his compadre, Tony Samples, is having marital trouble, so he devises a plan to send them on a second honeymoon. Before and after their trip, he and Charlie get into all kinds of madcap mischief - something that Southern boys are known to do ...

 (Shhhhh! That's all the publisher will allow me to tell. The rest will have to be a pleasant mystery until ya buy the book [for only ninety-nine cents! Shoot ... even McDonalds® coffees cost more than that!]).


So you've got (1) a book designed to bring a lot of laughter into your day, (2) at a very affordable price, and (3) you can get two formats of the book (one for your e-reader and one you can print out or read on your desktop) for that one price!  You can't get any better than that!

Now ... get ready to put some South in your mouth and a whole lot of grits-and-gravy grins along with it.  Just click the link up there at the top of this post and, soon, you'll be Grinnin' Like A Possum!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Queen, Sinatra and Record Sales?

BEFORE WE BEGIN: Since so many of you are interested in the Jason Everman story (he who played with both Nirvana and Soundgarden before becoming an Army ranger), just click on the link (from the New York Times) to read the rest of it (quite honestly, I've been swamped lately and didn't have time to complete it here. My bad ...). Thanks ...

Now ... if you're still waiting for the Freddie Mercury Story to appear on the silver screen - well, you're just gonna have to wait a little longer. Sasha Baron Cohen - who was scheduled to portray the famed Queen frontman - backed out of the deal, citing "creative differences" with the surviving members of the band.

SPEAKING OF THE QUEEN brings thoughts of royalty - and especially the young George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge, who was born to William and Kate just two days ago. But, whilst we celebrate his arrival, so do we of all other births - including that of comedian Jimmy Fallon's brand-new daughter. She arrived yesterday evening (no, he'd already finished taping before his wife delivered their still-unnamed infant) ...

CROONING ACROSS THE ATLANTIC  I've always been a fan of the legendary Frank Sinatra and some of the other crooners that soothed our airwaves - and our nerves - for decades.  Whilst their songs were hummed or danced to by many over the years, few could actually reproduce those relaxing, enjoyable numbers - until now!
Here in the U.S. - and thanks to the show America's Got Talent - we have the rags-to-riches story of the amazing Landau Eugene Murphy.  Over in the U.K., there's the smooth sounds of the great Johnny Weaver.   Thanks to both gentlemen, we're seeing a resurging interest in the music of the vocal masters like Sinatra, Nat "King" Cole, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and others!

SHORT-TAKES Remember, about a year or so ago, when I said that vinyl records were making a comeback? Well, according to Nielsen SoundScan, there's been a 33.5% increase in record sales (no, actual records!) over the past year! -- And former Sex Pistols' frontman, Johnny (Lydon) Rotten, is to receive the BMI Icon Award on 15 October! According to the music rights organisation, he's getting the award for launching punk rock in Britain and inspiring scores of other musicians with their expletive-ridden, anti-establishment rage.
Geez...sounds like he and his band really made a positive impact, right??

LANDAU EUGENE MURPHY, JR. - His first audition ever:

In our next edition: More on UK singers Johnny Weaver, Mike Tinsley and an update on Mike Lane!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Unsung Rock Star Becomes War Hero ...

He was one of America's finest - a member of the Army's elite Special Forces who bravely fought the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Born in Alaska; as he put it, "I’m pretty sure it was Ouzinkie, where my parents lived in a two-room cabin with a pet ocelot named Kia."  Jason Everman was also known as a stutterer - and the kid who, with his friends, blew up a school toilet with an M-80.

A few years later, his parents divorced, and his mom married a sailor who moved the family to Washington state.  Because his mother was busy battling depression and alcohol addiction, Everman confided and relied more in his grandmother - a woman who, though she loved him like a son, clearly was not going to put up with his shenanigans.

So she sought the help of a therapist who also happened to be sports psychiatrist with the Seattle Supersonics. Not only did he become Jason's new doctor, but he was also a huge fan of rock-n-roll who kept a number of vintage guitars in his office. During one of their counseling sessions, Jason picked up one of those guitars - and the doctor, realizing this could be excellent therapy in itself, began strumming with him.
For Everman, it was love at first sight; he practiced constantly and, before long, discovered "punk rock" - a style at which he became very adept. 
After high school, his childhood friend, Chad Channing, met a guitarist and a bassist from the town of Olympia who were looking for a drummer.

They were Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, and they called their band ... Nirvana.

So Channing took the job as drummer for the band.  Then Cobain mentioned that he also wanted to sign on an extra guitar player.  Immediately, Channing spoke up. "I was like: 'I know this guy. This friend of mine, Jason.'" He auditioned and soon became part of the lineup. Everman even paid for their first album (which was already recorded), "Bleach."
But the touring and long hours of boredom between shows got to Jason, and he was kicked out of the group for being a "head case".

Around the same time that Everman lost his Nirvana gig, another band was losing its bass guitarist. Hiro Yamamoto didn't seem to understand that, if you're going to be a successful band like Soundgarden, you needed to do more than just gig; you need the A&Rs, press agents, managers, and all the tech details that go with them.
So, since they were in need of a bassist to fulfill their already-packed tour schedule - and since they were big fans of Jason's work with Nirvana - Soundgarden took him in to complete their lineup!

FROM SOUNDGARDEN TO AFGHANISTAN - the story continues in the next post so ...

Stay Tuned ...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Belieber It Or Not (and Travis Update)

Soooo ... Ms. Mallette's little boy, Justin Bieber, has weaseled out of it again, huh?

He sent a quick note to former President Bill Clinton, apologizing for pumping his (Clinton's) image with a spray bottle and cursing him a few days ago at a NYC club. Nice touch, JB ... but how long is this little "change of attitude" gonna last?
You've gone back-and-forth with your attitudes more than a dozen Kardashians (please don't tell me there are more of them out there ...). At this point, we're beginning to expect the next TMZ report that you've gone off-the-wall again.
Of course, the former Prez was very gracious and accepted your apology.  Never a scene was made, as Mr. C. knows how to handle a situation like this calmly. 

PERSONAL WORD:  Justin, you claim to be involved in the fight against bullying.  Now, from fans to critics, everybody's askin'  you to change your recent stripes and get back with the program - unless that's all a PR gimmick!  Y'see, son, what you've been doing (the speeding, spitting, peeing and verbal pooping) has actually been a form of bullying - you're trying to show your toughness, power and disrespect ... exactly as bullies do! 
So which side of the tracks are you on?  No, I don't expect an answer (after all, I'm a [gulp!] writer, not a blingmeister!).  Just be sure the road you take is a solid one, or you're liable to run outta "true beliebers" before long ...

AS I'M WRITING THIS, country superstar Randy Travis is under heavy sedation to take pressure off his brain after suffering a stroke in the aftermath of congestive heart failure. The latter was caused by viral cardiomyopathy had has millions of his fans worried and praying for his recovery.
But there's really more than meets the eye here. All his fans are also hoping that, when he recovers, Randy stays away from the bottle and evens out, temperamentally.  After all, according to some physicians, those are two factors that could have contributed to his present situation.  Personally, I feel that, upon his recovery and subsequent therapy, Randy will bounce back stronger, better - and with lessons not only learned but absorbed.

IN OTHER MUSIC NEWS:  Well, they did it:  Rock diva Tina Turner finally married her boyfriend, music industry executive Erwin Bach, last month in Bern, Switzerland. I'm told they'll celebrate with family and friends in a Buddist spiritual ceremony this coming Monday at their home, Chateau Algonquin.  (btw, she's 73 and he's 57).  Of course, she was married to the late Ike Turner and scratched her way up to be a superstar on her own right. And Erwin is ... is ... 57.

And, according to, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, has canceled a Detroit-area performance set for July 27, saying that she's undergoing an undisclosed medical treatment. The show was first scheduled for the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston on June 22, but, in a letter written by her and just distributed by her publicist, she says she's canceling the show "one last time" due to the treatment.

The lady deserves some RESPECT, right?

See ya on the flip side!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Returning To The Music Scene ...

The Beatles once sang about a long and winding road leading to your door ...

Over the past few months, I've experimented with different formats for this blog (which debuted eight years ago as Rock, Rhythm and Rimshots). But the web address stayed the same:
The Rock Relic.
I became fairly popular by using that handle. (sigh!) But after a few years of rock infusion, I branched out and became a writer and (some say) humourist, and tried to tailor this very blog to reflect that.
And the ratings started to drop. You wanted yer music, whether it be rock, country, R&B or two cats howling on the fence out back! Sooooo, I've started another blog to share my chicken-scratching ... and am returning this blog to the purpose for which it was originally intended.

But we're gonna expand it now to include both old and new music, with news and views, from all most genres. Then we're gonna nail this sucka down so it'll stay put for a change!
Now ... that being said, let's get started with the New Musical Magazine:

RANDY'S TRAVIS-TY As I was putting this together for the re-debut, word came down that country superstar Randy Travis has had a stroke, probably caused by viral cardiomyopathy (heart failure due to a virus).
At the moment, he's in critical condition at a Texas hospital. Of course, we wish him well and our prayers are with his family.
Now, we could conclude that all this is a result of his years of drinking or whatever - but, until the doctors release their findings, it's all premature, don'tcha think?
Still, according to, "The illness comes as Travis has been trying to put his life back together after a series of embarrassing public incidents involving alcohol. Travis pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated in January following an arrest last year and received two years of probation and a $2,000 fine. He was required to spend at least 30 days at an alcohol treatment facility and complete 100 hours of community service."
Travis has a tremendous talent, and we hope and pray he'll pull through this, follow his doctors' directions to the letter, and be back onstage and in-studio again soon ...

PEED OFF?  Apparently, Mrs. Bieber's Baby Boy can't hold his Bladder now.  Last week, singer Justin  went into a New York restaurant along with his suck-ups ... er, entourage ... and a few teen "friends" (read: "LOOK!-I'm-with-Justin-Bieber-I'm-popular-now!") ... and the kid actually laughed as he urinated in the eatery's mop bucket!
Then, as he was leaving, he saw a picture of former President Bill Clinton - apparently, he'd eaten there before - and defaced the pic, yelling "F--k you, Bill Clinton!"Obviously, I'm not a fan of this brat anyway.  Not only does he need all the techno mechanics (synths, loops, beats, and other plug-ins) around him to create his so-called "sound", but he's let his ego throw him way outta control.
Look ... kid, if you're readin' this, remember these two things, okay?  (1) The higher you fly, the more painful it's gonna be when you hit the ground - and you will hit it one day! (2) Someone's gonna take your place one day (it's happened since Presley: Davy Jones, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, etc. all were where you are.  And someone always came along to eclipse them on the teen scene!), and it's gonna be hard as hell to stage a comeback if you get a bad rep now! 
So straighten it up, dude - every time you act like this you're kickin' your own ass (as well as career).  Now ... that being said, mop the floor...

BEAUTY + TALENT x 5 = AWESOME!!  A few days ago, I had the opportunity to catch the fab "new" girl group from England, The Saturdays, and am super-impressed by these ladies!  Whilst Mollie, Frankie, Una, Rochelle and Vanessa blend in perfect vocals and always put on a tremendous show as a team, they're also warm and personable ladies offstage as well.
If you get a chance to see them live, you'll not just see beauty amongst the members but a beautiful harmony, great trade-offs and stage presence.  Plainly put, they're as genuine as you can get onstage

And now they're wanting to record and perform some country music, now that their reality show has been canceled!  Either way they go with it - whether rock or country, 'reality TV', film or music video, these ladies are still heading for the top wherever they go.  Hopefully, they'll tour more over here in the states - and, if they do, then (1) find out where they'll be playing near you, (2) grab a ticket quickly (they're sure to go fast!) and (3) drive, take a bus, train, cab or plane, and get to the show!  Believe me, "a good time will be had by all" ....

Okay ... for the time, that's it.  Until then, remember (waitaminnit:  gotta dust this old sayin' off so I can read it!  I'm older, y'know ... lol):  Keep your eyes on the skies, your feet on the ground, your heart with the music ... (and stay outta mop buckets) ...

and I'll see ya on the flip side!